Monday, June 12, 2006

June Shows

I'm in this "Little White Pony Show All Rides Free" exhibition at the end of the month in Calgary at Arthouse. So is fellow Montreal artist Kit Malo:

Illumination Escapade is currently up at the Foreman Art Gallery at Bishops University in Lennoxville and runs until the end of June. This was my first time exhibiting in a public gallery and it was a really great experience. The show includes several established regional artists as well as my friends Katie Dutton and Logan MacDonald. It was curated by Meredith Carruthers, and includes artists whose work is highly narrative or illustrative. There was also on display many beautiful old illustrated books such as this one:

Here is an excerpt from the catalogue: "An escapade is ambulatory, illusive, a journey with a capricious twist. Illumination Escapade traces the journey of illustration, from the borders of manuscripts to Victorian volumes (now carefully preserved in library vaults), to wall drawings, sculptural books and roving collections. By presenting contemporary art projects in counterpoint to Victorian illustrated books, Illumination Escapade is like browsing at its best, where serendipitous discoveries suggest the coexistence of many possible worlds. Works in the exhibition represent a fresh interpretation of traditional modes of art-making, engaging the viewer in evocative fictions and fantasies."

Here you can (kind of) see Katie's embroidered animal embrace series behind some of the old books:

Here is a photo of Katie and I looking at some artist books at the show:

Lastly, just a quick mention about my taking part in the upcoming Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition , about which I am becoming increasingly anxious and agitated. Katie and I did it last year and everything went surprisingly smoothly, so we are doing it again this year, along with our friends Gillian Wilson, Shawn Kuruneru, and Jeff Garcia......I am hoping to still get some more new prints made for this, but time is running short and there is so much to do. July 7,8,9, Nathan Phillips Square, TO.

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